Tuesday 4/24/2017

Today, I realized that I miss having an online journal. Somewhere I can express my thought freely when th out being judged by any and everyone. So here I am…feels like I’m back in high school. 

Yesterday I creeped on my ex husband’s new girlfriend’s Facebook page. She usually has me blocked and I was quite surprised that she had unblocked me. I had been having lots of dreams about my ex husband (J) and felt like something was up so I creeped. 😑

I noticed that she had posted a picture the same day I looked her up and that post was to announce to the world that they were expecting. I keep getting on her page and nothing has changed, it’s still there. His family seems very excited about it, especially his mother. I should be happy for him but I’m not. I don’t like her and she’s not right for him and now they’re bringing a baby into the world. I can’t even imagine how our daughter is going to feel. She was just crying to me last night about how much she misses spending time with her dad. Just the two of them. I guess all I can do is carry on and I’m pretty good at pretending that people or situations like this don’t exist or bother me. Goodnight for now.

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