Day 27 – 30 Days of Kindness

Today was pretty cool. I met two more people at work. They share my office door. Young and fun. It was nice to not be alone today for awhile. 

I’ve been really tired this week, even crashed last night after work for 2 solid hours. Not sure why I’m so tired. Today I decided it was enough and I resolved to be more active and find more energy. The sky was sunny and I started with a great walk around the lake.  Around 4:30pm my commitment started to wane, but I pushed myself to the spin class and then on to a core workout. Feeling energized and headed for home.  

Note for future….don’t sit down, don’t stop moving. 

As soon as I did, I felt the tired of my efforts, but I promised to end with yoga so I did; and now I feel amazing….and tired, but a different tired.  I should probably shower 😉

My picture today has nothing to do with kindness but it’s hilarious.  The GPS on my phone doesn’t work, so when I use my fitness app, it shows the craziest routes.  Today’s walk around the lake is particularly amusing; I wanted to share it.  

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