I want to be my best friend instead of my worst enemy.

Like most people, I am extremely critical of myself. This makes it impossible to accept criticism from others gracefully. It’s really ashame how often in life we end up being our own worst enemy. If anyone should be in our corner it should be ourselves. Maybe if we loved ourselves we wouldn’t rely so much on others.

So I have decided to be my friend. That’s the first step to love, right? 

Tonight in my personal journal I decided to spend a few minutes complimenting myself. This was an idea that I thought of the other night and at first it sounded a little silly, but I thought it couldn’t hurt. I will admit that it was a little weird and difficult at first but once I wrote a few they just kept flowing. I’m glad that I pushed myself to do it and I hope it helps to start shifting my mindset in the opposite direction.

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