I’m crazy

Last night I sent a long ass message to Bobby, I didn’t mean to hit send. And today I anonymously sent a link to my profile on here which just shows how crazy I am. After I did that I thought about it, and I deleted his phone number. And removed it from my recents. I can’t be tempted to text him out of the blue. What was harder though, deleting a screen shot of FaceTime. It was just a pic of him being him, not posing for Instagram or anything, just being him. But I did it. I deleted it. And then deleted it from recently deleted. Its gone, for good. But I needed to do that, for me. Cause it’s hard enough missing someone without their number right there and pictures of them right there. He probably won’t ever click on the link anyways, most likely he’s gonna blow it off as spam. I don’t even know why I sent it to him. I tried taking back what I said, but I don’t think I can. 

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