So my last entry was based on a while ago. And things with Bobby were amazing! He ended up going and getting my stuff from the house, had me stay with him almost every night until I moved in with my sister. And I wanted long distance to work I really really did. But I kept getting in my head and before I moved his ex was texting him and he moved to Miami where everyone knows the girls are gorgeous! And I just felt like I was holding him back. I really really like this man but I thought it was best for HIM if we stopped talking and so I told him I thought that was best but he said I was breaking up with him for no reason and he thought about forever with me and all I wanna do is take it back. But I know I sound like that crazy girl you don’t wanna text back and you just wanna forget but ugghhhhhhh I just wanna take it back. I really like him and he makes me feel so happy and safe and like a person after all the bullshit I’ve been through. My life has been a series of bull shit events and I’m a screwed up person cause of the way I deal with things. But I can’t help but think that Bobby is the right one. But I doubt he feels that way definetly now that I’ve gone and messed it up. 

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