why not me

What makes you like him more than me. I envy your relationship. I wish you’d unconditionally love me, instantly forgive me, and have late night chats with me. I am an honor roll student. I work usually two–sometimes four jobs at a time. I don’t go to wild parties. I don’t constantly bring people over the house, nor do I ask to go out often. I pay for basically all of my expenses. I clean the house. I go grocery shopping. I had to grow up at age 6 to practically raise your son so you could go out and have a good time. He is failing almost all of his classes. He was caught doing drugs at age 12. All he does is beg for things, break rules, and lie. He is never home. He always says he favors our grandparents over you, yet you love him and not me. I just don’t understand it. What am I doing wrong? Yeah maybe twice a month you’ll ask me to hang out with you guys but the answer is always no bc every time i hang out with the two of you i end up grounded and you hate me even more. I wish I knew what I did to make you hate me so much. Do I remind you of my father? Am I just not good enough? I wish i knew what I could do to get you to like me.

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