7,500,947,315 Admirers of the past!

Yes, the title is an exaggeration. No dear reader, I’m not tryin’ to bully you into majority. But let’s face it; when you read Benjamin’s nostalgic story, didn’t you miss old days? If you’re noddin’ your head as a fast no, just keep it in mind that even newborns with less than a minute history on outside world cry for their past: their mommy’s belly.
Even if it’s not you, look around (not too far) and you see a thong of Benjamins disgracefully talkin’ about awfulness of Google and Wikis, chat rooms and fast-typing, PDFs and emojies, less homework and more fun.
The fact that we don’t have “Stratospheric expectations” from our children or students must have something to do with the age we’re livin’ in. “Academia” which was built thousands years ago is currently a crappy word as short as “uni”. You may hate it for what it is. It’s not like we’re curin’ cancer on those milliseconds we save by not typin’ “-versity”! Right?
But can you tell me what is exactly wrong today except everything which was already wrong? Not just that. I beg you to explain how today is “not better” than yesterday? You could see moon and stars? And do what? Land on them or see your leader’s beard and stuff?
If there was no airplane to pollute the blue ceiling, could you be able to appreciate that damned clean air on 2000 feet above?
As fishes, we started the history by peein’ in the oceans. Then we crawled to the lands and started screaming. Finally, it was a long walk on feet, which is not over yet (just because you “love” babies and/or you think it’s natural). It’s called evolution. Whatever comes is better, unless you keep using it the way cavemen did.

I like to call this common trend of criticizing the present as Admirer of the Past (AP) syndrome (it makes me feel like a doctor). Here is the short questionnaire I found and pardon its French, please. Test yourself scientifically for having AP syndrome. It takes a minute, it’s free and if you vote for me, I give you 6 million jobs, 70 million houses and a big pack of fresh green grass.

Here you are!

PS. It’s funny and sad how this post’s title is so wrong by the time you found some extra minutes to read it. When are you gonna stop?

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