Long Beach to have Gift Drive to bring toys to unfortunate kids

Loaded Café Restaurant is proud to announce that it will be opening its Long Beach restaurant on December 14 this year. It shall start with a toy drive that is meant to bring unfortunate kids from the underprivileged sections of the society some joy this festive season. The event has been named el Jugueton. The first 100 kids to arrive at the event will be given free toys as a mark of respect to the community.

The event is expected to start from 4 PM and would go on till 6 PM. A number of local artists have also been invited in order to spice things up and lend some glamour to the even with their performances. Loaded Café is a well-known name in the world of dining in California. It already has a couple of diners at Long Beach and Gardena, and has been serving its respected customers a whole heap of delicious food. One of the reasons why Loaded Café has had the success that it has seen so far because of its undying commitment towards bringing exceptional food to its customers and that too at a price that is good enough for its patrons as well as the organization itself. It has always seen positive reviews on sites such as Yelp and that stands as testament to the sterling work it has done in this industry.  

Loaded Café at Long Beach

Long Beach is expected to continue that tradition of providing lip-smacking treats for its connoisseurs. The organization itself is rather excited to be able to serve a new group of people building up lasting relationships with them in the process. It is in this regard that it needs to be stated that in its journey so far Food Places Near Me has been able to become a trusted partner and choice for people cutting across things like age barrier and palate choices. It has earned this level of trust with the high-quality food and service that it has been providing to people at Gardena and Long Beach.

What does it offer?

Loaded Café is well known for its diverse menu that includes hot chicken platters, cocoas, coffees, and other beverages. In fact, its specialties may be mentioned as below:

  • Chipotle Chicken Mini Wraps
  • Mexican Platter
  • Steak Fajita Platter
  • Chicken Breast Delight
  • Grilled Tilapia Delight
  • Chicken Quesadilla         
  • Wings Basket
  • Chicken Chipotle Ranch
  • Chicken Strip Basket

What is great is that the price here is always right. It never exceeds your means and given the high-quality food on offer it always seems to be okay.

Beverages at Loaded Café

The Food Near Me are highly preferred by its esteemed clients and have drawn a significant amount of praise as well. Some of these absolutely-delicious beverages are yogurt smoothies, chocolate milk, shakes, juices, and brewed iced tea.

Savories at Loaded Café

Loaded Café also serves other savories such as crepes, sandwiches, burgers, and pancake combos that are really tasty. It also offer special French toast combos that are meant mainly for kids.

To know more about it please visit http://loadedcafe.com/loaded-cafe-restaurant-long-beach




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