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El Sushi Loco Open New Fusion Sushi Restaurant Inspired By Mexican Seafood In Downey

El Sushi Loco is a unique fusion sushi restaurant in Downey that has transformed sushi with modern, multinational influences, launching with a new menu of delicious morsels.

Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish of seafood and rice, served a wide variety of different ways to maximize flavor. Sushi has become popular all over the world as a fresh and unusual alternative, but recently it have also won the hearts of all ethnicities and cultures in Downey.

El Sushi Loco offers an alternative, fusing traditional Japanese techniques with Mexican flavors and influences.  Now they’re in the works to open their third restaurant in Downey, to bring their increasingly popular Mexican sushi style to a whole new audience.

The restaurant will be the third El Sushi Loco, after the first was created in 2011 after exploding in popularity from its humble beginnings as a sushi cart, selling Mexican Restaurants, in the streets of La Puente. The restaurant will offer a cool and classy interior with design elements that reflect the Japanese and Mexican fusion style of the cuisine and the shared heritage of the flavors.

Signature Food Places Near Me plates can be enjoyed with a Michelada, a Bloody Mary with an added Mexican hit, and will be a feast not just of flavors but of visuals. The Mexican sushi and all other dishes come with their own handmade sauces, and these sauces have become the signature of the restaurant’s Asian-Mexican fusion foods. There are more than ten of these, and they make each plate unique and different from anything you’ve ever tried before.Downey is a boiling pot for fusion and multicultural influences so El Sushi Loco is right at home and will earn the hearts of many hardcore conservative foodies and adventure food lovers alike.

Imitation is a form of flattery, and many new Mexican sushi places have started to pop-up in Downey after El Sushi Loco opened it’s doors in 2010. Their unique style and 12 signature sauces which are made from scratch with one-of-a-kind secret ingredients are only found at their two locations in La Puente and Downey.

A spokesperson for El Sushi Loco explained, “We expect customers to be surprised and delighted by our unique culinary experience and how it’s not just traditional sushi, but actually far from it. Many people that have a problem eating raw fish and seafood will be delighted to try our fusion since we use Carne Asada and Chicken which are cooked. In El Sushi Loco, we believe the nature of food is fusion, experimentation and a wonderful dining experience that the family will love.”

About El Sushi Loco: El Sushi Loco started off in 2010 when the founders purchased their first sushi cart in Tijuana-Mexico. In the beginning, they operated in Downey by the name of “Sushi-Island” and after a successful run, transformed themselves into El Sushi Loco, the original and first ever, Mexican Sushi Restaurant where customers can find quality food, quality service, and a family-friendly atmosphere. For more information please visit:



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