Friday, April 28th

This has been my first full week as an official employee with the DOE. I still have more shit to do to be certified. I have to 1. get that letter from UK saying I completed the requirements for a sped certification and I have to pass all those tests then complete edTPA, which I haven’t even looked at to even know what it is. Ugh. I am going to take the biology subject test, too, I think- I’m wondering if I can get certified in sped for bio only?? If I can’t pass the math test. Surely to shit I can figure it out and pass it. I’m smarter than most people. No wonder they have no teachers here- they make it too hard to get a certification. Lord. 

I have decided to read the 100 best novels of all time. I can set a goal for 10 a year. If I finish, I can start on the 100 best nonfiction books of all time. I am about 1/2 way through 1984 right now. I have read some of the books on the list, but I think I will re-read those as well. I have started The Sound and The Fury at least 5 times, but I’ve never been able to finish it. I will be able to now, though because of the internet. I can use Spark notes and other commentary to help me to understand it. I had trouble getting started with 1984, but now that I have, I would be fine without the commentary, but I still like to read it to make sure I didn’t miss anything and for the analysis. I need to do things that will exercise my find- like learning that math- to keep from getting old. 

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