How do you overcome a loss?

I have lost someone recently. I would like to think that I can handle it but the truth is I can’t and it’s painful. Those things you read or watch are true, when you go to call that person you have lost, no matter how close you were to them you can’t help crying when you realize you can’t. I find that you don’t really overcome a loss you just get past it and move on. I find a great way to do that is to think of all the great times you had with that person and remember them as best you can. Then you think about what they would have become and not what you could have done. After you do those things look to a friend or family to talk with and find a source of support. These are the best ways to get past this terrible time in your life.

One thought on “How do you overcome a loss?”

  1. Unfortunately there are no shortcuts in overcoming grief. It takes time to get over losing someone and there’s no determining how long it will take. Just know that it’s normal, it’s something we all go through and eventually the things that remind you of that person will bring a smile to your face instead of tears to your eyes.

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