I’m Just Like You

To the people who commented:

I know I should focus on loving myself. I never have time for that. I feel guilty even writing this all out; I could be making a difference elsewhere. But as for my family and friends, my parents focus on my other siblings, and they ignore me entirely. As for friends, I have none really. I had two friends but a certain ex boyfriend… well, he destroyed all friendships I had altogether. 

So, loving myself has been hard. Especially when I know my own parents don’t love me. You might be thinking, how do you know they don’t love you?

That’s a simple question with a not so simple answer. My father is very abusive towards me. Verbally and physically. Every single day, he tells me something to “help me in the future.”

He tells me that I’m “not a valuable asset to a family. We’d be better off without you and you should learn that no one needs you. We chose to have you and we can chose to get rid of you.” No joke, that’s his speech he gives me.

He’s even forced me out of the house several times, and I would have to find a place to stay. I don’t need pity or empathy, I just want someone out there to hear me.

I. Want. To. Change. The. World.

But its not that easy to do. Besides, doesn’t everyone want to make a difference? Maybe I’m not that different from everyone else, you see?

I’m just like you.

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