Today was the first day I came home for the weekend while I was on college. 

Oh god, how I missed home!!! How I missed my parents, my dog, my bedroom, my boy… Missed everything, Ive even thought about giving up and go back home. The distance is killing me, and althogh I really liked my new friends there, I still mine old ones so much, I feel that they cant be replaced. Idk, its so much feelings that Im feeling. 

I have to walk to much to get to class (my campus is hugeeee), I have to do my food, to clean my stuffs… And I just miss home. 

Im serious thinking about going back home and study to next year, I go to the city near mine, so the distance wouldnt be a problem anymore. I wanna cry everytime, and its just because I miss my family. The college is great, there are lots of things to do, but its just that I was happier when I was here, with my family and everything. I just dont wanna tell my mom about that, because she is so happy for me. But sometims i think that im so young to be in college already, Im just 17. Ahhh I will tell my mom everything that im feeling and figure out something…. Thats all for today. (im so happy that today im seeing my boyyyy ahhhh)

One thought on “SHOULD I GIVE UP?”

  1. Do tell your mother what you are feeling. Maybe you should wait a year for college. I hope it all works out, sweetie.

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