Day 020 – A memory

Today was good.

I learn more Php and watched courage the cowardly dog, Saturday is off for me so I spend my whole at home and worked on game idea which I have intend to develop soon. At night i went for jogging `4km. 

That’s all for today.

Flash back __

In university I had a group of four friends(MU, UK, MA, and myself), we were used to play sports and hung together, I used to call my group Fantastic four.
After passing out from university we did a get together and MU shared a story of his manager and gave me a conclusion based on his experience which I couldn’t really get at that time. He said: first thing your opponent try when he has disagreement with you, is to attack you emotionally and criticise your work to bring you down. he is trying to tell me be mentally strong.

Well recently I came across to this situation, I shared my personal work/achievement with my colleague instead of appreciating me he choose to attack me with a none sense thing which make no sense at that point. 

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