I’m next

Last night the lady in the bed next to Mama cried out in pain. Howling was the term Mama used. The lady was scared. 

First one nurse was in the room & she ran out in the hallway & seven more came in. They called a code. Almost lost her but they saved her. God bless them. 

It terrified Mama. She said “I’m next aren’t I?” 

She believes it will happen to her soon. I pray she goes in her sleep quietly peacefully and without pain. 

They have her sedated today. Extra medicine to keep her calm & comfortable. 

Here I am sitting in the floor in her room with my Dad & brother close to her in chairs surrounding her. 

Friends and family have been stopping in throughout each day to say hello & to check on her. Waiting for my updates I email to each of them. 

My room mate’s cousin died today. I don’t think there is any thing I can do but I know it will be me soon.  Wishing I had more time with my Mama wishing life didn’t have to be so cruel. 

God is good. He will take her home. Just wish it wasn’t so soon. She is too young But the good die young. 

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  1. God bless you and your family. I don’t know you but will pray for you, your family, your mother… and yes, God is good. Here is a virtual hug—> (((((( ))))))

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