One thought on “Its scary”

  1. Yes, it is scary. I suffer severe anxiety and that is my ‘why’. Scared about nothing and everything at the same time is the story of my life. If you are young it is probably anxiety which is a feeling (emotion) of sudden fear. Feelings are tricky so they are not facts. Yes, it is a fact we feel certain ways, but those feelings change due to hormones, the weather, a myriad of circumstances. Since an anxiety attack is nothing more than a terribly scary feeling (adrenaline overload), learning to breathe through it knowing it will soon pass is the best way to deal with it.

    I am of an age in which adults did not generally acknowledge, discuss, teach or help with this problem. I wish they had so I could have learned earlier I really was okay. Instead, it cut thickly into my self-esteem and killed my self confidence because I thought I was crazy and had no one to help me learn different. I was not crazy. I had a problem shared by most people, with some having more intense episodes more often, but… again, it is only anxiety; a highly uncomfortable feeling that comes and goes. I am glad you live in a generation in which this very ‘normal problem’ is much more socially acceptable and understood. Trying to fight it only makes things more stressful and I have found tremendous relief in just saying “Please bear with me. I’m having an anxiety attack right now. I’m okay. I don’t feel okay right now but I will in a few minutes when it passes.” I have found most people to be very nice and comforting, offering to sit with or by me, get me a drink of water, etc. Sometimes I have asked women who seemed approachable and nice to please stay with me for a little bit when I am alone in public. They have always been very kind. Don’t be shy about asking for help if you need it. Enduring these feelings alone is much harder than just stating your situation to someone else.

    Just be you and carry on with your life. Scary feelings are something we all have. Some people are just too afraid of not seeming cool to admit it. It comes and goes and does not have to be crippling. Fear is only as crippling as we allow it to be. Hang in there, Haltay. 🙂

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