Just needing to get some stuff off my mind

Well it’s been  a good long time since this last happened, and a lots been going on since my last post but today has just been a lot and I need to write for an hour or two.

so today was a bit of an emotional roller coaster. I spent the entire day with my friend Erica, who starting today is moving to Colorado from our homes up in Washington. 

Im going to miss her so much and I tried not to cry as she drove away but it was really hard not to crumble in front of her. She didn’t want to move, her father did and even though she’s a legal adult, she doesn’t have a job or the money to stay. 

So we spent the entire day at the park we used to hang out at, we ran down the trails and hung out at the picnic tables, and even though we’re both 19 we may have rode the slide once or twice cause the park was empty.

but all good things will come to an end eventually and we had to say goodbye…

yes we can video chat and text but anyone who’s ever moved or had a friend who moved known that it’s just not the same.


so that happened another thing that’s happening is tomorrow- er I mean today cause it’s past midnight, I practice driving to get my license and I’d be lying if I sad I wasn’t scared shitless by those death traps we use as transportation. Yeah I know some cars have really great safety tech but something in my subconscious still holds fear for them and I guess I don’t have a fear of the car it’s self, because I’m fine if I get a ride from family or friends, because I trust who’s behind the wheel, I don’t really trust my self. 


Today all I want to do is stay home in bed and watch the new markiplier charity livestream, we’ll see if my plans actually work out , if anything writing this entry has helped ease my mind a bit, maybe now I can get some rest.

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