Passing Through Passing Thoughts

I am so grateful for my life. I have a wonderful girlfriend, a roof over my head, friends, a lovely dog, a great school; I mean, I really do have all the materials for a lovely life. But sometimes it isn’t true. Sometimes, it’s hard. I’m sure everyone has this. Everyone goes through things. And because I’m so thankful for all I have, I don’t want to bother those around me with my troubles and obstacles. But if I hold in everything that I have lately, I’m afraid I’m going to go insane. I’m just a simple, normal, college student with a simple life. But sometimes, it’s not so simple. Sometimes it gets so complicated and bundles that I can’t breathe. But there is no time to freak out. College is almost over, and my adult life is about to begin. Let this diary be my outlet to keep myself sane from my own doings. 


Let this be my way of passing through my Passing Thoughts. 


2 thoughts on “Passing Through Passing Thoughts”

  1. Kudos to you for staying possitive! But let me be clear, I want you to feel free to say ANYTHING you want to, express yourself. I may be a stranger but also a friend. May this helps you “stay sane” 🙂 -Evra

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