Saturday Morning

Good morning sunshine, the Earth says hello!!! All in all this week has been pretty good. With all of my pissing and moaning about work, I suppose one of the first things I should mention is that my work schedule this pretty damn nice. Monday was 3 – 11, Thursday 11 – 9, and today 4 – 2 (plus inventory). I’m guessing next weeks will be more annoying since I need to train one of the new cooks and a cook who is being considered for management. I like training, but normally it winds up being a shift show since we don’t have enough staff and I usually wind up pushing myself and trainees into a position so we can have a decent service time. Yuck. That’s enough about work. I’ll be there soon enough.

As far as the kids go, it has been touch and go with Snooch. Some days are definitely better than others. She likes to act like a total biyatch and then play the “But I have MDD card.” Ummm no my dear. Having a mood disorder does not give you the right to lash out at everyone and then cry big tears when we are all fired up and po’ed at you. Action and response is something you can predict after all. I would love to point out to Snooch that Hoshi Akari has AS and never ever uses it as an excuse. It is just something that lurks in the backround.

Last night was date night. I got all dressed up and went to one of my favorite restaurants with The Man. Can I just say that I love this freaking guy? It’s hard to believe that we were on the brink of divorce a few years ago and now we’re as tight can be. It was not easy to repair all the damage from the past. The first thing we needed to do was to literally let it all go and start from scratch. Once I managed to stop holding the past against him all those wounds seemed to heal and my shoulders felt much lighter. No longer does it feel like I am drowning.

We both have tomorrow off. A road trip is in order. We are still training Rascal how to behave in the car. I have an area set up for him in the back of the jeep, but he does not like being back there all by his lonesome. He barks and barks until some one holds him. 

We ended up buying him yet another new harness. Turns out not all dogs are created equal. Rascal has a solid, stocky chest and a lot of the harnesses out there hang too low on his legs and rubs against his arm pit  (?) area. I still have not started basic training with him yet, but he does know his name, come, and a few other basic commands.

Finally got Starr into watching GoT. He just finished season one. He has got a long ways to go. I think he understands why we named the cat Tyrion now though. 

I’m running out of stuff to say. When I don’t have time to blog I have so much that I want to write about, but when I finally get the chance those thoughts escape me. Funny how that works…


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