Why YourNameHere?

Well, there has to be some reason I chose such a generic, teenage-angst username right? Here’s the thing… My purpose for even being here is to rant and rage on about my own daily life happenings. Boring right? But, I believe that these things that I am feeling and living are so relatable. I know that people out there will have gone through the exact same things as I have. So, no this isn’t really about me is it? This is your story too. These are our good and bad days, our selfish actions and compassionate moments, our beginning and endings. So go ahead. Enter YourNameHere. Maybe somewhere down the line we will pick up a thing or two from each other. Or, maybe it will just be another name to a long list of things forgotten. 




One thought on “Why YourNameHere?”

  1. I love that idea! Thank you for your friendliness and openness! I may be a stranger but I’m also a friend. Let’s get through life together -Evra (not my real name)

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