I hate those deluded people that think they’re edgy because they’re capable of commenting “This makeS ME SO HAPPY ASDFGHJKL” under pictures of dogs that are smiling on Tumblr. I just can’t take it. Fuck dogs, care about yourself and other people. I just don’t understand. And as a woman that doesn’t understand quite a bit of what’s going on around her, I don’t understand this either: why did Violet come to school looking like that on Tuesday? In case you missed it, and you did because I haven’t even written about it, she had two spots on her face that looked like green bruises. One of them was covering the corner of her lip, and the other one was on her temple. They looked like bruises with seaweed on them. And, the stuff (the cream, ot whatever the fuck) wasn’t subtle. It was huge. She looked terrible, and I just couldn’t figure out why someone would do that to her face. Turned out she had herpes. On her fucking forehead.

Tomorrow, I’m taking Vilma, Ana and Brandon out for a pizza, since it’s my birthday on Saturday.

I am literally falling apart. The skin around my lips is constantly peeling off, my nails are chipping and my hair is falling out. Why? I’m about to be only 17.

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