Ayyo! My name is Adrian Mole. Yup, you read that right. I was named after the book character. I chose you to water me and to take care of me and to make friends with. You seem like a super cool person and I’d like to chill with you. Also, somebody told me that it’s your birthday today. Then this is a great time to get to know each other, isn’t it? Happy birthday.”

That was the note Hailey left in the pot of the cactus she had bought me. That and a £10 note. She came round at 6 to do this project for literature class that we got assigned. We went out around 7. We went to this café where she had coffee and I had red wine mixed with coke. We left the café at 8:30.

I met Ana outside the café and we headed to the town centre. There we met this guy Patrick and his friend David. Neither of them were really hot. We went to the park and started drinking. I was really up for getting wasted – I had to celebrate my birthday properly. At half past 9 we were at this takeaway getting burgers. I was wasted as fuck and so were Ana, Patrick, David and this other guy who had joined us in the park. That other guy’s name was Darren. He was shorter than I and had a pretty, young face. He kept saying “nigger”.

After our burgers, we went back to the park. David kept talking about how Patrick “ain’t ‘ave the balls to kiss ‘er (Ana)”. Well, it turned out that he did have the balls to kiss ‘er as they made out altogether for half an hour. I don’t know why (I guess that when you can’t get lucky yourself, you want to see others that can, get lucky) but David and I kept encouraging them to make out more. Then, I made a mistake. Ana had been talking about how she wanted to get a hickey. So we told Patrick to do it, but he said he didn’t know how. And then, for some stupid reason, I gave my friend of 7 years a goddamn hickey on her neck. I had wanted to kiss David. He wasn’t très sexy, but I wanted to do it anyway. I hadn’t kissed anyone in a while and I really wanted to feel that rush of excitement again. Everyone kept telling him and I that we should kiss, but he sort of acted like he didn’t want it (or really didn’t want it) so nothing came of it.

We left the park at 11 and went to this café where Ana’s crush and 10 other people were drinking beer. I sat next to one of the girls that I’ve known for about 9 years and we just chatted and were laughing our asses off. The guy who kept getting involved in our conversation basically STOLE MY HEART. I know I don’t really like him, and he isn’t the hottest person in the universe, but he may well be the hottest person in the world. We all casually chatted and I guess he found me to be funny. I still can’t get over how blue his eyes are.

I got home, took my makeup off, and went to bed.

I started taking birth control pills today.

It’s weird thinking that in three years I’m going to be 20. The idea of being that old and held responsible for everything in my life gives me the worst kind of chills.

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