Day 30 – 30 Days of Kindness

30 Days of Kindness has come to an end. It’s been a pretty great 30 days, not every one filled with kindness, but all with lessons and awakenings. 

Kindness wasn’t always easy; sometimes it was a challenge I didn’t want to accept. There were days it would have been easier to not bother to look for kindness. To bury my head in my own thoughts and not worry about anyone else.  But there’s no kindness in that.

I did my best to do good things this month; smile, say hello, show love. I paid attention to others and looked for kindness in them and from them. Almost always it was there….except for those smokers at my office….they just wouldn’t crack.  But that’s ok, their choices are not mine. I will continue to smile and say hello to them when I pass by.

I chose myself to show kindness on my 30th day. I took my mat and went outside for yoga and meditation. The sun warmed my face, the breeze drifted over me and all around the sound of happy birds filled the air. My practice was beautiful and my day was perfect. Namaste my friends. 🙏🏻

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