So…. Where do I start?

My husband is seven years older than me. I’ve always loved dating older men but never this much older than me. I thought I accomplished a new intellectual level, seeing as most men my age are immature and don’t know what a woman really needs, most of them at least. 

When I met my husband he was my best friend at first for about 6 months then he told me he had feelings for me and wanted to start a relationship with me, which was ok. He took me places, long drives, just music, food and talking. It was great!!..I finally found a man who took his time with me, that loved and cherished me…what more can a girl ask for?!…. Right!?…I can take figure out where we went wrong.

Well, since we are currently silently warring right now, we are sleeping in separate rooms(my choice, not his). I just feel like if we are not talking why sleep together, plus we have a guest room/ my retreat, so why not sleep there…so it won’t be a night of us trying not to touch each other in our Cali-king size bed. It’s almost like when we argue we turn into these to very distant, very polite but rude people.

I am honestly tired of trying. He’s not the way he used to be….or is it…he showed warning signs before we got married….I just ignored them. I noticed when we first started dating that his mom still cooked for him. I noticed that she would always have to tell him to clean the bathrooms. I also noticed that he’s more of a taker then a giver when it comes to the “bed”.  I even noticed that because we click so much on an everyday basis that our fights seen to be alot worst than everyone else’s. Now I’m regretting that I never focused on the signs. These warning signs are important  because that exactly what I got when we finally moved in together, a lazy man who rarely cleans, doesn’t feed himself unless I make it for him, a man who just does his business when it comes to the bed and rolls back over to sleep.  I am constantly hurting because I want so much more in this relationship but no matter how much I communicate that to him… He just pacifies me for a couple of weeks, then back to his old ways….

This really has me thinking, do I rrreeeaaallyyy want to spend my life this way??? It’s either put up with it or have mental break down…

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  1. RUN! Please, do it for all of us women who feel stuck. There IS more out there for you! There’s SO much more life out there, don’t give up your true happiness for that. Please! Don’t settle! I don’t care how old you are, be free!!!

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