Stressed out.

 So last night my brother and brother in law got into a fight downtown. My brother in law is a complete shit head, his solution to every argument is fighting. My brother has a swollen eye now and he wasn’t even trying to fight back, no he didn’t want to…

I had this whole week of vacation to relax and enjoy myself. Instead I have been more stressed out at home than I do at work.

I smoked a cigarette today, I’m not proud about it either. I just needed to calm myself down… alcohol wasn’t gonna cut It this time around. It gonna be awhile before I get to see my nephews again.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be seeing my sister soon though. Most of their stuff is still here. So I’ll be here waiting… if he shows up, more than likely another fight will start.

I’m more than positive this won’t be my last journal. So goodnight GNJ people.

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