The Tantrist Community

It is agreed that even New Age is a religion being a merger of Celtic Christianity and Tantric Buddhism, it is not to be evangelized nor proselyted.  Although it is the third-largest religion on Earth with 1.1 billion adherents, it is also the most popular of them all — far more popular than Judaism and Buddhism.  Practitioners of the New Age faith are called “Tantrists” because of their sexual absistance. This is as far as I can go.

Tantrist children do wear quartz crystal prisms until their 21st age.

On a personal note, the Grace Gospel Fellowship was about to annihilate the New Age Movement December 31, 1999 with the Y2K Bug only to find it already done so three years ago on October 31, 1996 by yours truly, Mew Xacata.  How?  My Tantrist beliefs resembled the New Age variety.  For example New Agers says Jesus was a great spiritual master while Tantrists instates him to be a brilliant philosopher.  My beliefs overridden the New Age Movement forever and regained the real New Age! 😈

In order to be a Christian, one must study the Bible. Likewise, in order to be a Tantrist, one must live the Fivefold Laws of Rapture.  When one becomes part of a faith, (s)he would share it with others, and that is poor etiquette.  For example, I confronted a black Amish Christian who was so full of energy and a Mormon

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