To Do List/A Love Story

Bridesmaid shoes tomorrow or Tuesday

Loan before Thursday

Apply to temp agencies tomorrow

Text ward secretary tomorrow

Finish globe before Thursday

Write toast before Thursday

Okay now that I have that over with let’s get into the more complicated stuff. Mandy and Jose’s wedding is on Thursday  (May 4th and no, they aren’t star wars fans). They met through me so, naturally, I am the maid of honor. On top of that, I am LDS (Mormon) and live in Utah. I went on a mission to Chile and met Roberto, Jose’s best friend. When I came back home, Mandy was my roommate and I was skyping Roberto. Both Mandy and Jose happened to be there so we decided to introduce them. Blah-be-dee-blah, crush turned to true love and viola, Jose moved here. He was baptized as a member of the church yesterday and I went up to where they live to see it. It was beautiful because he has had missionaries come and go from his house for years and Jose is so stubborn, intellectual, and curious in his personality that he couldn’t bring himself to believe in even God alone. Then along came Mandy and she changed his life (with some of my help too). After he was baptised he bore his testimony saying that he was looking into Mandy’s eyes and it just clicked. The world couldn’t have been made by accident. It had to have been made by someone. It was was in that moment that he knew that the church was the true church of God. I cried. I was so unbearably happy for him. I kinda bawled into his shoulder after the whole thing haha… he’s like the older brother I never had.

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