Day 1 – 30 Days of Beauty

I pass by this bench every time I am out walking or riding and I read it every time. It’s only three words, the words we all know and say and hear….but read on a park bench; probably not so much. 

Today, I stopped and really looked at it and realized it’s awesome graffiti.  Someone took the time to write “I love you” on a bench in the middle of a park.  It’s been there a while, so whoever cleans up graffiti doesn’t think it needs to be removed. 

I remembered, as I was looking at it today, I sat on this bench once last year when I got a phone call while I was out riding.  It was a friend and we chatted for a bit.  I remember thinking, how cool is it to sit on a bench that loves me?  And then on my way I went, not thinking about the bench again until the next time I passed. 

Love is everywhere, even in the beauty of graffiti on a park bench. ❤️

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