please, insert your foot into your mouth.  you are a human circus, and admission is free! now bring me some popcorn 

is it cliche to say that I am losing faith in the human race? maybe my job is a huge factor. perhaps each life experience combined with the simple observation of both lives and events of the common man has something to do with it. I honestly wonder how anyone could be content, let alone ‘happy’. I question how many people blind themselves to life around them, and are choosing to not see the world for what it really is. I don’t know; maybe I am wrong. I try asking myself if there is anything I can change today. as an adult I feel like I can do anything with the time I have left, and I really want to commit my life to making an impact on the world. there is so much we could change. sadly, somewhere along the line we lost faith in the ability to individually influence anything/anyone. we are merely numbers, not people; numbers of people listening to someone else tell us what is good for us, even if we disagree.


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