My Favorite Song

Sunday our guest pastor played It’s  A Wonderful World on his soprano sax.  The auditorium/sanctuary was dark and people held up their phone-flashlights, pinpoints of light.  It was beautiful.  Do any of you know this song?  It’s an old one.  They played it at the end of “Good morning, Vietnam!”  It is so life-affirming!  The reason it is special to me is that I didn’t always feel that way.  When I was pre-teen and on into my 30’s or so, I wanted to die.  I was just not a happy person.  I was very sensitive, and had anxiety disorder.  With God’s patient help and care, I outgrew this gloomy state of mind and I am very happy now, and I LOVE this world (although I also look forward to the next one.)  I just wanted to share that with some of you who may be struggling.  Love to you all. 

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Song”

  1. Thank you for posting this, I didn’t realise you’d had suicidal feelings and low feelings for a long period of your life, I used to think it was just me who has been feeling so rubbish for this long 🙁 I haven’t heard of the song you mention I don’t think but I like how people held up their phones; it’s like what happens for an emotional/slow song at the gigs I used to love going to! I have to admit I know God promises a lot for the next world but…I’m hoping there isn’t anything at all, I don’t want to feel anymore after this life, I want rest only. I hope you have been well!

  2. RD, you have many years to be freer and more whole. Yes I was very miserable; I prayed to die. When I was ten. When older, I began to think of ways to take myself out of this world. But God was watching over me, and He is watching over you, dear one. I know that for now all you want is rest. Like sleep with no dreams, good or bad. But you won’t be tired when you wake up in Heaven, and it is glorious and happy there. Trust in Jesus and offer Him your painful life as a gift to Him. Stay alive to be obedient to Jesus because that’ s what He wants you to do. Bear it. BETTER times are ahead!! Here as well as in Heaven. I promise. By the way I got the song title wrong, it’s “What a wonderful World.” Louis Armstrong (deceased)may have it on you-tube. I’d love for you to hear it, RD. Hang on to HOPE, darling girl.

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