That Darkskin BabyGirl

I am Adele. (which is my “English” name)

Nigerian in blood, and British in nationality.

Currently 19 years old. Currently a 2nd year student in University.

Based in Ireland and London (majorally Ireland). So I experience both the country and city life.

I’m tall, skinny, darkskin. (my IG: @thatdarkskinbabygirl)

Been through alot in life, through that I’ve earned a great deal of empathy

People confide in me Alot, through that I’ve earned a great deal of sympathy. 

I want to use this space to just empty my brain, and release my thoughts. I want to tell my personal stories and experiences. I want to help people with theirs; whether it’s providing a platform to share theirs, or advising people or just the fact they can relate/ just enjoy/ helps them with the day to day of life, when reading mine. 

So yeah, all that professional shit out the way  😅.. Just a baaasic level of information, to leave space for future questions and entries and stuff 😝.. Just hope everyone’s entertained by this, learns from it, appreciates it.. Alla dat alla dat.. Times TWO ✌. 




THAT..Darkskin, “BabyGirl” 


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