Three is a crowd

The bad things we go through in life.. they wound us.. and every time they happen the wound grows bigger and more painful. Can it even heal? Will the scar be to big to look past it?

He cant handle the pain, not again. He, my best friend, who has quickly grown dear to me. And there’s nothing I can do stop it. 

I am leaving this town,  that is painful enough for him. But now the possibility of me dating a dear friend of his has come up. 

She is gorgeous, funny, wise and so many shades of amazing. But so is he. I wish for him to believe me when I tell him that he comes first. 

I hear him telling me how many times two separate friends of his have left him behind. How tired he is from dealing with pain. How afraid he is to create any type of bonds. How he is convinced he can’t win this raise. How he is always left behind. 

And it pains me and her to see him so scared. And to the both of us, he comes first. 

But we want to date, and we are adults. 

Two is company but why is three a crowd?  And why is a crowd so bad?


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