4 Your Eyez Only

May 2nd, 2017 

11:12 AM


I want everyone to read this because, I am sitting here and I feel as though my life is slowly deteriorating. Now now now, I am happy, and I do love myself, and look… why is this so hard to do? I thought a heartbreak was going to be easier this time around. I can’t believe it ended up like this. I really don’t believe I am making sense, so if you’re out there reading this..I am sorry. I really am trying to express myself right now. I feel as though though we weren’t supposed to go down this path…I never knew that you knew what I was doing, so I’m scared of what you do know. I need you to know that I do truly love you C. You are what I want in a husband and a father. I want you to be the father of my kids, and us be together forever. I really miss you. I think we need some time apart to grow together? I don’t know… I’ll finish this at night. 

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