Got up at 7:20 feeling demotivated, empty, lazy, and depressed. I scored the lowest result in my class on the history test. It doesn’t even get to me anymore. I’m used to it.
During recess, I went to get coffee with cream. Talked to Layla. Almost died of boredom in Literature. Witnessed Monica tell our P.E. teacher to, “Zip it, teacher” to which he immediately apologised. More reasons to hate both of them, I guess.

Went to see a friend at her house. Got home, took the pill, chewed the rag with my sister. Then Mum and I went to a grocery shop. You know a snack is good when its name is  “Potato Product Enhanced By Artificial Flavours“. We got loads of shit that will make my stomach cells beg for mercy (ultra cheap crisps and sweets, obviously.) The problem with me and a lot of other people is that no matter how disgusting a snack or a cake or whatever may be, if you’ve got a pound more to eat, you’re going to eat it in one sitting. And that’s for those instances when you aren’t even hungry.

After I had eaten 1 million calories, I decided to change my life and my eating habits for good. I made around a litre of peppermint tea. I studied history and then went to make a study-and-assignment plan for the rest of the semestre.

Shaved my legs listening to some lecture by Simon Horobin feeling enthusiastic and nervous. Not a happy enthusiastic, nor a sad nervous. What is happening?

Changed my linen. Intended to read The Beach, but decided to go sleep relatively early.

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