In My Head

So tomorrow i have to go to Mandy’s rehersal “dinner” by 4. Hopefully it wont last long so i will be able to get other stuff done before the day is over. Before i get there i need to buy my shoes and a UTA card for Don. However, i dont think i will have time for the later. Ill have to get it on Wednesday. Fuck, these hiccups wont go away!! It’s 1 in the morning and i have roommates. I need to get some water or something, hold on. They still wont stop! Anyway, Don and i are both in debt and i dont know what to do for that right now. I wish the wedding was already over with so i wouldnt have to worry about it anymore… I still have to freaking apologize to Jose’s mom and sister for making them cry (boo-hoo, i made you realize that you shouldnt go back to Chile before the wedding because that would be down-right evil. How could you just waste $2,000 of MANDY’S money like that?? To abandon your own son’s wedding just because you are tired of not understanding English?? What the actual fuck is that?? You could download a freaking app and PRACTICE!! Yeah, its hard, but what do you think Mandy did when she lived with you in Chile for seven months?? Jesus Christ, get a life!!) I didnt say that but i was completely appalled that they would even consider leaving before the wedding. I mean, hello, i think they can endure a couple more days. God…  Anyway, i aparently made them cry (like it was all my fault) so Mandy is making me apologize tomorrow… I’m only doing it cuz she’s the bride, to be honest. I do care about her and Jose but all i did was back Mandy up in the moment. I mean, they were going to LEAVE, for Christ’s sake! I was NOT about to let that happen…

On another note, i applied to a temp agency today so hopefully i will be hearing back from  them soon. Don is currently $200 in debt and i am $300 in debt. He has a job that pays him well but not enough to support both me and him at the same time. (Hey, the hiccups stopped!) I will be okay for rent this month but I dont know about groceries for the both of us. I have a ton of canned stuff but no recipes. I will be looking some up on Friday and go shopping as such. That way, the wedding will be over and i can focus all of my energy on looking for a job and a way to survive until then.

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