Live for yourself, not through others.

Life is short, if you want to dye your hair or get a tattoo just do it. Be yourself. 

Having brightly colored hair and tattoos brings lots of interesting interactions. Strangers are way more friendly to me when my hair is dyed a color of the rainbow than when it’s dark brown or black. With blue hair I can get away with my black band t-shirts and long black skirts without being mistaken for a Satanist. Unfortunately another thing that seems to come with the territory is unsolicited advice. Maybe it’s because I work in a call center or maybe it’s because I live in Ohio but frequently people will tell me what they think I should do with my hair next or what tattoo artist I should go to. However, the most puzzling are the people that tell me that I’m brave for cutting or dying my hair. It’s just hair. If you cut it too short it will grow back, if you don’t like the color you can dye over it. Be who you want to be, don’t live through others and don’t let what others think stop you from expressing yourself.

I dye my hair because I like to, it makes me happy. I have taken a lot of shit over the years for my appearance but I don’t let it stop me from expressing myself. There will always be people that disapprove but I’m not living for them, I’m living for me.

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