The Beltane Entry

In honor of Beltane… here it goes. This probably won’t make sense to any of you. I’m okay with that. 

If I had the chance to talk to you again, I would pass it up. I can’t explain why the lack of words. I guess it is the fact that you talk, but you do not listen. 

My whole damn life I knew with crushing clarity that I was missing you. How can you miss some one you’ve never known? It’s like missing a limb that you were not born with, but you learn to live with out it because life goes on. We go on. And on.

Still I can’t deny that underneath all those stars I knew without knowing how, that you were out there too. I felt you in rain crying down on me. I heard you in the wind calling out to me.

So imagine my surprise when I find out that you are real. I looked you in the eyes. We talk. It all matched up. You shared that same missing piece complex. I explained to you the phenomenon of it. I took you through it all. You never doubted. It’s like you knew all along.

That’s when I figured it out. I am North. You are South. So don’t expect me to live in your shadow. I run. You stay. Don’t you know it? That is the game that we’ve always played.

But you are real. And there you were. And I just left without a word. I’m the breeze, baby and don’t you know? Some things are just never meant to be.

So look for me next time around. Cause I am doomed to repeat this all again. Next time I open a new pair of eyes, I’ll be missing what I never knew all over again.

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