257.4 – Same

Same after a large drop like yesterday’s? I’ll take it, LOL. I didn’t stay purely induction yesterday, but I kept my carbs under 30 total grams. I got to takin’ a longer look at the Atkins ’72 food list for induction and… I’m going to need to do some actual, serious planning and list-making in order to shift our family from LCHF to A’72 induction. We’ll try it for a two-week period in earnest and see if it helps movement on the scale for at least my husband. Mine’s kind of up in the air due to the exercise, but hubs’ weight has been the same for about 5 weeks now. My thinking is that it may have something to do with the diet sodas he’s made a habit of drinking lately… hmmmm.

Off to do an “epic” walk with my dad this morning

B: Warrior coffee, sausage, bacon
L: I honestly can’t remember what my husband packed for me. It’ll be a LC surprise!
D: Messy bowls (Bacon-wrapped hot dogs cut up, smothered in chili, cheese, and onions, then topped with sour cream. Mine will be sans dairy.)

Have a FAB day, all

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