it is all I see when I close my eyes; every color flowing together- and no color at all. when they look upon my eyes and the sphere dilates, the pupil bares its darkness. black dances with me on the pavement as I walk against the sunset. I watch it hide in the corner under the dresser. fleeing its opponent as I flick the light switch, it dissipates into the bright air only to surface again when the bulb burns out. as I lie on my back after twilight, the blanket of blackness stretches to all horizons; haunting airplanes passing overhead overpowering the pinholes of light we call the stars. flowing through the verdant trees calling out to the crickets bringing about the death of a previous day. it surrounds my body as I slumber, seeping beneath the blankets, holding my hand, reclining with my body, flooding the floor, floating to the ceiling. as I breathe in, it bleeds into my throat. as I scribble, it seeps from the tip of my pen. and as I pace, it prances behind me; the color of a void, the void of all colors.


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