long week

ive been wanting to write for so long. i should really just do it when i can.

before i got to what i really wanted to get to, i wanted to write down that during semana santa my computer broke down..it was horrible. i had to borrow emil’s harddrive and the whole ordeal ended up with mom giving me her hard drive the following monday and me finding a bunch of old childhood pics…

i wanted to write about last friday..it was my last day of high school class. boys and girls switched schedules (boys took b section’s, girls took boys’). i didnt find it funny, so i didnt follow through. everyone must’ve gotten pissed at me.

later that day we had UN. we were preparing the younger delegates for this conmun 2017 debate. today was the first day and even if the start was tough it ended up going smoothly for most comittees.

i wore a pale blue blazer with a white blouse that mom bought me yesterday, with some navy blue uniqlo pants, with a pair of shoes mom lent me.

im still writing the emerging crisis since the dias did it all wrong. but its ok.

i feel sad that dad probably wont be able to come to my graduation. he’s planning for my stay in college, and he already came in february anyway. i miss him a lot. i wish he could watch me go to UN, watch the events im in, and be proud of me like he’s always been. i miss him with me..i miss him hugging me after coming home, and always asking me whats wrong.

i pray to god life treats him well. he’s so old and he’s been through so much. his family is so unfair. i just want to give him a good seniorship. i want him to rest. to lie in his bed without thinking of doing chores, of paying bills. i want him to feel comfortable and like all the work he worked had a reward in the end.




i came back from looking over my other journals..ive noticed i always skip the happy parts.

i joked a lot with paulette. i spent a decent amount of time w emil. we kissed. briefly, but we did. it was sweet and warm. i wouldnt change his kisses for anything. we had a LOT of food.. i felt really pretty when i got back home, so i took out clothes for tomorrow that made me feel confident!

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