What is love and what does it mean
So many varieties from what I have seen
Youthful puppy love and the true love of a teen
Someday an equal upon whom you can lean

For real love I would walk through dangers untold
It would fill up my soul and make me brave and bold
It would still be there when we are weary and old
Radiating evermore in the withered hand I hold

If you don’t take risks then nothing worthy can be gained
There are ups and downs that leave you emotionally drained
There are times you will fight, the relationship becomes strained
But you work things out once everything is explained

At the end of the day, love is what we all hope to find
If we are lucky enough to get there and not go into it blind
We’ll have one who cares for us with a heart that is kind
Whose very presence gives a complete peace of mind

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