Post-Trump me

New York!
My Lala land!
My supposed-to-be future!
The dearest piece of Earth and sky!
I’m writin’ this post for you, you beloved city of my lost hopes and dreams….
I haven’t thought of you in a long time. So, you deserve an explanation for lyin’ alone in the darkest dungeon of my mind.
For the beginning, I must confess that the hardest thing I’ve ever done is reconsidering. No matter on what subject, self-edition of what is already written, chosen, believed or done is almost impossible for me. Most of the time, something out of ordinary must happen to break this null loop. And the last time such a thing happened, I took it so very much hard.
I’m sure you heard about me and my future. A girl livin’ in Middle East. Dictatorship here is more common than N2 in air!
But as you know, “people get the government they deserve.” O lovely New York, do you know that?
That motto paralyzed me when I heard Trump won you, and what? 8 familiar years. No more youth to burn. You left me no more youth.

Reconsidering is hard for me. Deep deep down, you’re still the most beautiful city in the world. In all 24 dimensions. But you’re just a city, now. Your people are as off as mine.
Maybe what ruined you in the first place was other dreamers like me. Those who ran to your skyless embrace of modernity. They were still carryin’ huge loads of old miseries, and as it turned out, they pleasantly shared them with you.
But maybe it’s your fault. You were supposed to be free. Smart. Independent from hell. You were supposed to be mine….
I love you New York, but you’re freakin’ me out… you’re bringin’ me down….

P.S. Surprise, surprise! This domain got banned in IRI. Screw all kinds of election and elected. Like I don’t know what they’re doin’!

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