HAPPY STAR WARS DAY!!!! May the 4th be with you, har har, it never gets old to a nerd like me

257.4 – Same

Holdin’ steady

We’re going to start full on A’72 induction on Sunday the 7th. We’ll sit down to do meal planning and grocery-list making tonight, starting with what we already have in the freezers, fridge, and cupboard, and move from there. I see lots of eggs, jerky, seafood, and beef in my future (and the sauces that go with them! ohhhhh the sauces…), and it’s going to be a tasty future

Still KonMari-ing the heck out of the house, which is keeping me very busy and is yielding great results. I even caught my husband, who has met my flurry of tossing unused items out of our house with wariness at best, saying, “When you get to the kitchen, we can do X Y and Z with the room we’ll have!” I knew he’d come around to it. It certainly doesn’t hurt that now we have room to display all of his swords, comic books, and board games.

No walk with Dad today. I will still take my two fifteen-minute walks at work for my breaks.

B: Warrior coffee, sausage, bacon, eggs
L: Gyro salad with olive oil dressing
D: Hubs’ sauteed shrimp

Have a faaaaabulous day, all

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