A change.

I believe that the show Girl Code is sometimes true, especially when  Carly Aquilino  says “We change our hair when something traumatic happens to us…. Obviously I’ve been through a lot of shit”
I can relate with that a lot. My hair has just about every color of the rainbow since I was 14. I can’t deny that I wanted something more different than most people and it did happen around the time something in my life didn’t go right. 
My color of choice recently has been in the shades of Red. I haven’t died my hair in over a year now, but you can still see hints of a red color that use to be. I miss the red and just the past few days I have been thinking of dying my hair red again. Which shade is the question…Something Bold.
Red suits me and I always get compliments that it looks really good on me. I guess pail skin and red hair go well together more than pale and black hair xD
I did miss having my Goth phase, but I don’t want black in my hair for 5 years after I’m tired of it. I can never get that shit out.
For a while, I actually could not remember my natural hair color…and now that it has grown out a LOT…I hate it.  It’s such a dull brown.  I can’t even tell you what it is. It’s a mix of light and dark…almost a timber wolf brown.  So plain…
My hair is so long too…. I want to cut it, but I love the length. 
…I know I’m just wanting to do it because of how the last few weeks have been and once I’ve dyed it I will be pissed off because I’ll have to try dye it again in about a month since it fades so fast… I hate the work I have to put into dying. 
I should just shave my head and wear wigs.

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