A glimpse?

Do you know what it’s like to be at war with your mind? A place that’s so dark and scary you try hard to leave it behind.

These monsters are real and they don’t hide under your bed, they live in the deepest darkest places inside of your head.

You lay awake and see them while tossing in bed, those demons dancing so freely inside your beautiful head.

All the while you feel like you’re sinking from struggling with fright, just trying to settle them down so you can go to sleep tonight.

Their claws outstretched digging deep deep down, bringing up thoughts you thought you had drown.

Whispering and seething horrible ideations in your ear, causing you to panic and have an overwhelming amount of fear.

Try as you might to quiet them down, but they tell you that you are on your way to a nervous breakdown, I mean after all, this is their playground.

They look at each other with a blazing fire in their eyes, a cruel smile upon their lips that says there will be no compromise.

You fight like hell to lock them away, you will not win this battle, no not today.

I will lock you away deep down below, where not even the devil himself will be able to say hello.

And there you will stay buried deep in my mind, until you once again break these chains that keep you confined.

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