Break Me

Break me down, leave me raw

Tear me open, so I may see if there still remains a soul

Leave my body lying upon the bed, for the reason that I wasn’t satisfying 

Today I noticed a butterfly, they remind me of beauty, love, but most of all, freedom

For I was free to become compassionate, I was free to love

I was free to sing about the life I longed for forevermore 

Your grace enslaved me, for in the beginning, I deemed it okay, who do I kid? I was convinced it was glorious

Living for you, I knew it was right, everything we accomplished had been extraordinary 

Break me down, for I am raw

Tear me open, so that I may may free my soul

Your grace had become too bright, and I now lay naked upon the rustled sheets, vulnerable to deceit 

You broke me down and left me raw, you freed my soul yet left me alone, you forced me to show you compassion, all the while muting my love’s swan song of endearment.

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