Does a title matter or is it “Do a title matter?”.

Farewell was postpond. Cheated a lot in mids. Things not good in home. Went to Abaidullah Mamo’s today. He hinted at me finding work.
There is a plot on my name between murree and islamabad. Abdurehman Mamo helped mom buy it. She bought it on my CNIC.
I have no sense of direction… I don’t know where to go.
Didn’t offer Isha prayer. Yesterday I spent the night at Muhammad Abaidullah’s appartment. He wanted some help with his cpp project.
… I sometimes get so irritated that I start to questoin my own existance and the exitance of my creator but immediatly I come back realizing all that He had given me without asking, so now I ask not for me but for my parents… give them happines and comfort in this life and the life that is to come after this one.
I want to write a novel… a story … but … I can’t gather the courage.
I am so much like my farther and my grandfather.
I need some source of income. A permenent source, that is the only solution I see… if there is any other then help me God.
Ahsan came said he wated to learn cpp but all he really wanted was to me make his assignment for him. He said again that he wanted to come I said come on monday if he wants to learn and not for any assignment.
Uni not going well… but when is it? I was so enthusiastic about societies and now it is the opposite. Saqqib asked me which society he should join and I told him that no society is good it’s all rubish… I shouldn’t have said that, he took my words seriously.
As time passes I’m getting more and more depressed. Today while I was on my way home a thought that should never have crossed my mind actually did, I thought “I would have to go back home to that…”, imaging the things that happened the night before.
I want to make educational videos.
When I see someone smoke I start to have craving for smoke.
Smoked both times I went to Muhammad’s.
Talked to Muhammad Abdullah a few days ago. Talking to him is always refreshing. Talking to a like minded person really makes me feel at peace.
People nearly always don’t understand my view point.
My case of hyper hyderosis is getting worse every day.
Not one has it happend that I have given my exams, both mids and final from the start of uni, in full health. I am always sick at the time in some way.
I like Comedy central and erb and college humor they all are unique and it’s ok to be smark and crash course, I want to do something like this.
I need to buy a good mic… I can’t even buy myself a handfree.
A realative paid my semester fee.
I read too much into things.
I was about to lose a friend today due to my own mistake.
Should I upload this entry on GoodnightJournal? Should I remove the names? Does it matter? It’s a big world. Should I use auto correct to all the spelling mistakes in the entry? Does it matter?

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