Double Sided

I am a single entity, but two equivalent parts to me. One side of me is love, compassion, happiness, kindness, all around great person. Where the other side of me is hatred, self hate, depression, anger, darkness, anxiety, and sadness. It is like there is a line drawn directly through me. The only problem is, the line is not straight. It is curved, and at some points, splintered and jagged. I want to live my life with out the dark side, but I know without that there would be no me. The fucked up mix of this is what makes me who I am. So unfortunately if you love me, truly love me, you will take me as I am. Help me. Fix me. Need and want me. Help me, please. Help me shape my ill defined configuration within myself. Show me I am worth it. Let me show you I am worth it. All of it. I have so much to prove and want nothing more than to show you the truth.

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