Entry #6

“That was the last time she would see her daughter—Emmett figures she knew she was saying goodbye. What she didn’t know was that no one would ever visit Elsie again.” pg.84

It’s really sad to think that Elsie is to spend the rest of her life without any visits. Henrietta worked really hard for Elsie but eventually, there was nothing she could do. I feel sad that she will spend the rest of her life in the hospital because it seems like it probably isn’t a very pleasant place. I reminds me of a short story by María de la Luz Cervantes about a woman that gets stuck in a mental hospital and is driven insane. I hope that Elsie doesn’t have a similar experience.

Like Henrietta, Elsie was born too early and she had to live through a lot of burden’s because of it. Like Henrietta, Elsie could have had a much better experience in her life if there had been regulations in place or if the system was more accepting. I wonder how someone like Else’s life would have gone down had it happened today. I wonder what regulations aren’t in place today that will seem ridiculous in the future.

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