Entry #7

In the beginning, Joe spent his time in prison much as he’d spent it in the military: in the
hole for insubordination and fighting. But eventually he stopped fighting and focused his energy inward. Joe found Islam and began spending all his time studying the Koran in his cell. Soon he changed his name to Zakariyya Bari Abdul Rahman.” pg. 149

What were the odds the Zakariyya would find Islam? Skloot has very effectively taken us through the long torture that was his life. From the time he was a little boy enduring his aunt’s beatings and abuse, we begin to feel for him. And when he becomes a violent adult, we empathize with him, it isn’t his fault. Before this moment, I looked at his life as part of a never-ending, excruciating cycle. An abused child becomes a violent adult and he is only a product of his environment. Although I don’t really know if Zakariyya will get out, I’m glad to see that there were at least hint of it. I’m eager to see what happens with Zakariyya.

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